Tabella: the Latin word for “writing tablet.”

Tabella House: a traditional digital publisher of riveting reads.

The tablet–or your computer–is where stories start, as penned words (or typed, for our twenty-first-century writers). Yet a story doesn’t stop there. Each word possesses power and imagery, and yearns to tell a tale. Tabella House’s mission is to shape the destiny of those stories.

Tabella House is a traditional royalty-paying publisher. We cover all costs related to book production and distribution, make titles available in eBook and print, and partner with our authors in creating a successful publicity campaign.

Tabella House specializes in mysteries, suspense, domestic noir, and thrillers, although we do branch out into other fiction genres as well. Under the Tabella House label you’ll find riveting plots, tales rich in suspense, and memorable characters. Operated by a dedicated staff of industry leaders, Tabella House prides itself in quality books, personal author relationships, and a passion for literature that drives its success.