Now Accepting Submissions

Tabella House publishes a wide range of mystery and thriller fiction, including crime, horror, police procedurals, private investigator, cozy mysteries, and psychological suspense. While some of our submissions come through agents, we prioritize unsolicited manuscripts from un-represented writers.

It’s important to note that we specialize in writers who want to transition writing into a career. We generally do not pick up single-title authors. Our ideal author should plan to produce two or more titles, whether in a series or not. While we do make exceptions to this, it’s a criterion we strongly consider when accepting an author. Novels with unique voices, descriptive writing, and complex worldviews are features we value in our books.

If this sounds like your desired literary path, start by e-mailing the first three chapters and a query letter here or at

Because of the volume of submissions we receive, please understand that we may not personally respond to every query unless we are interested in the book. Our acquisition staff appreciates each author’s talents and seeks to give full consideration to each submission received, which takes time.

We hope to be a part of your writing journey!

The Tabella House Staff